What makes a strategic narrative compelling?

“I’m putting a man on the moon!”

Changing your organisation one conversation at a timeVisual Meaning is the newly created sister company of Delta7 Change Ltd.

Delta7 supports organisations to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation using their unique approach to employee engagement, leadership development and culture change. Their Visual Dialogue process creates space for employees and leaders to come together to make sense of change, connect strategy to action, and take ownership of the parts each has to play in successful implementation.

Visual Meaning arose out of the need to have meaningful, consistent, and unambiguous representations of the way organisations, programmes and other complex systems work. By making expert data visually intelligible, it provides a platform for further conversations to happen with a wider group of people.

In 2015 we decided to separate the two related areas of business. We did this to focus the skills and processes on the different types of work, which has also allowed us to become more efficient and responsive to our clients.

Visual Meaning and Delta7, though separate, still have a great deal in common and continue to share away days and cake.